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Our Services

Clients often initially seek advice on a particular issue, however often times this will lead to discussions on a broader range of issues or opportunities.


We are able to offer one-off advice to clients if that is all that is required. However, many of our clients prefer annual advice that takes into account their evolving circumstances, as well as market and legislative changes.

At Set4Life Financial Solutions, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of financial advice services.


Retirement Planning

Personal Investments

Tax Planning


Cashflow Planning

Centrelink Advice

Wealth Protection

Aged Care Advice

Estate Planning

Redundancy Planning

What to expect from Set4Life

Initial meeting: If you arrange an initial meeting with Set4Life, allow around 1.5 hours. Typically, there is no cost to you for this appointment. During this meeting, we will spend some time with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and start to develop some goals and objectives for your financial future. We will attempt to highlight some ways in which we may be able to assist you. If we think you will benefit from personal advice, we will outline the cost for you to arrange this, and you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Advice formulation: We may arrange another meeting with you to clarify your goals and objectives, and to ensure we are on the same page. Following this, we will undertake the necessary research, modelling projections, strategy comparisons and calculations to prepare your Statement of Advice, otherwise known as a Financial Plan.

Advice discussion meeting: Prior to this meeting we will send your Statement of Advice to you for your review. We will then sit down with you and go through the plan to ensure you have a good understanding of the advice, and to ensure that you are happy to proceed with the recommendations included. 

Implementation of your advice: Once you are satisfied with the advice, we will arrange the necessary documentation to implement the recommendations in the advice. We will then help ensure that your plan is put in the place. You may also need to meet with your accountant, solicitor or Centrelink, and we can assist where necessary.

Review of your financial plan: Over time, with changes to your circumstances, goals, legislation and markets, it is necessary to ensure you remain on track. You will have the option of an Annual Advice Agreement which will provide with you with additional support throughout the year and a review of your financial situation.

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